Transmedia Storytelling


The key is to produce something that both pulls people together and gives them something to do.

-Henry Jenkins

Communicating the Human Experience one story at a time.

Humans have been using story to communicate our experience since the beginning of time.

Fireside stories explaining the latest kill or the stars above have become plays on a stage, movies on the big screen, phone screen, and sixty-second videos on social media.

Creating Expansive Storytelling

Stories live in their own worlds. The great myths of old had an overarching world that the gods and goddesses all lived within. Whether in be Asgard, Olympus, or Kun-Lun, the homes of the gods created “worlds” for these different stories to have a home base while their interaction with man provided the meaning in human existence.

Storytelling today is no different. The MCU, Star Wars, DCU, even the Kardashians have given us over-arching narratives where different size stories can be told in the manner that best befits the different size platforms where they appear.

Transmedia and multi-platform storytelling

My aim, then, is to provide workshops and discussion where the “Why” we are telling the story gains focus through the “where” and “how” of the various platforms we use.