Workshops focused on storytelling

Storytelling is the heart of what we do a creative artists. Whether we are creating Transmedia across platforms, using violence to show character, or showing our brand in an audition, we are telling a story about ourselves.

Transmedia Storytelling

Today stories are told across multiple platforms. This workshop shows how to create an overarching story world to give the audience the narrative in a living way, everywhere they engage with it. We will focus on the intersection of theatre, film, TV, and New Media, like podcasts and social media.

New Media

This workshop will introduce concepts of short film, web content, and podcasts as a alternative form of story telling. It will focus on story creation and workflows for each. Students will have an outline for a new piece of content by the end of the workshop. They will be ready to create their own content.

Brand You

What’s your “WHY”? When people first meet you, what is the story they see? This workshop zeroes in on the brand you present to people, so that you can be authentic in auditions, interviews, and life. We will explore Archetypes to connect you to the story you project.

They Fight

Two of the most exciting words for an audience member to hear, and terrifying for actors and directors to read. With so much left up the the imagination, where do you start? This workshop teaches the fundamentals of character driven stage violence. How to drive the plot forward with action without putting actors in danger.


From page to screen. This workshop will give insight into the short filming process from the the initial spark to the final product. Basic terminology and techniques will be taught, so students can get out there and start creating.

What’s in the BOX?

Students will learn what should be included in a technical interview/adjudication. Whether for a job interview, a college portfolio review, or a technical assessment; the presenter needs to cover basic information, and this workshop will break that down.

Also offering Portfolio review for technical theatre students in preparation for college interviews, and adjudication in acting, playwriting, marketing, and musical theatre.

Randall Delone Adkison finds a way to make sure every student remains engaged throughout the entire workshop. After, they are exhausted and on fire for the chance to use what they learned.

Communicating the Human Experience one story at a time.